2009 Fishing Reports
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12/22/09 - FISH HEAD - Blackfish LIMIT Reached Report

Click image to enlargeClick image to enlarge Click image to enlarge Click image to enlarge Click image to enlargeMade it out today in blustery conditions. The weatherman was right but it wasn't so bad... cold and swingy. I wish I could have fished deeper but the weather wouldn't let me in my boat. - either way... we had a good day. We had our 3 man limit in about 4 hours of fishing and released a dozen or so fish. All quality fish, maybe 10 that were short the rest did not need to be measured. Whites and greenies worked but bigger fish on the white leggers... (thanks King)!!! It was good to get out and the togs are chewin... if you can get out on a party boat that can get to the depths where the 'good fish' are... GO NOW!!!

For the third trip in a row we found many of the blackfish spitting up ling and stomachs packed with baby ling. I have never seen this before - anyone else seen this ever? Sent one down with a hook but nothin.

Heading out of town tomorrow...I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

12/19/09 - FISH HEAD - Last Shot at the Stripers

9/1/09 - FISH HEAD - Inshore Light Tackle Action

8/16/09 - LOWRIDER - Durkin Offshore Canyon Charter Daytroll

8/9/09 - LOWRIDER - Komoroski Overnight Canyon Charter

8/8/09 - FISH HEAD - Bluefin Tuna Report

8/2/09 - LOWRIDER - Mark Kratter Tilefish/ Bluefin Charter

8/1/09 - LOWRIDER - Traugh Keller Bluefish Charter

8/1/09 - FISH HEAD - Ruzck Family Charter Bottom Fishing

7/26/09 - FISH HEAD - Bluefin Report (2 Cherries Popped)

7/23/09 - FISH HEAD - Finally Some Bluefin (Weekend Recap)

7/14/09 - LOWRIDER - Ed Emde Family and Friends Fluke Charter

7/5/09 - LOWRIDER - Open Boat Canyon Daytroll

6/29/09 - FISH HEAD - Sharking Weekend Recap

6/28/09 - LOWRIDER - Fillepe Bass Charter

6/13/09 - FISH HEAD - SJ Shark Tournament FAT CAT Wins "Big Fish" 590lbs Thresher

6/13/09 - LOWRIDER - James Bailey Shark Charter 20 for 24 on Sharks

6/9/09 - FISH HEAD - Bass Switch Turned On For Us (Recap)

6/4/09 - FISH HEAD - Atlantic Taxidermy Striped Bass Charter

6/1/09 - FISH HEAD - Weekend Recap

5/31/09 - LOWRIDER - John Werbeck Charter

5/26/09 - FISH HEAD - Memorial Day Weekend Re-cap Bass and Bottom

5/25/09 - LOWRIDER - Ed Emde Charter

5/24/09 - LOWRIDER - Stephan Cloughley Charter

5/23/09 - LOWRIDER - Jimmy the Greek Charter

5/22/09 - LOWRIDER - Joe Liberti Charter

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